Makeup & Cosmetic

Planning to launch a beauty business or salon? Want to upgrade your current website with a brand new design? Check out these makeup and cosmetic website designs. Each has been created by professional designers to reflect the latest in web design, page layout, colors and fonts. You can customize everything on the page, so if there’s something you don’t like, you can change it.

All makeup and cosmetic website templates are compatible with leading page builders and most WordPress plugins. You can configure them to accept bookings, include live chat, sell beauty products and do anything you want a website to do. All templates load incredibly quickly and 100% responsive and SEO-friendly!

Makeup Artist

Appealing and stylish, two words that sum up the makeup artist template perfectly!

Barber Shop

Fullscreen template for barbers with strong imagery and a great first impression

Salon & Spa

Minimal design with a lot to say, ideal for the beauty niche and salons or spas

Makeup Artist Studio

Bold dark web theme designed specifically for the beauty niche and makeup artists

Cosmetics Store

Minimalist eCommerce template that could be used for any type of online store

Fashion Influencer

Sophisticated-looking website design that’s perfect for making a fashion statement

Innesa Perfumes

Elegant eCommerce template ideal for selling luxury items to discerning customers

Be Bold

Upscale eCommerce template that inspires confidence and encourages you to buy